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REQ Recharging system enables users to recharge the battery by themselves easier than your cellular phone(because no need plug-in the socket to the watch). It means REQ watch is allowed to use up all the electricity in the battery in short time such as 1-month or 3-month.

The users do not need to pay several dollars for battery exchange since it uses home electrical outlet and its consumption is very low.

This epochmaking recharging system enables us to put many useful functions to the watch.

When users went back home, just put the watch on the charger for charging. When the users are sleeping, REQ charger will help to charge the electricity. Of course during the charging, the watch will tic the correct time.

Because of REQ charging system, no need to open the case back for battery replacement. Thus the quality of the watch, such as water resistance can be remained as same as the watch originally shipped from the factory.