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This watch features vibration alarm. As you may know vibration motor consumes a lot of electricity, therefore, it was not very good idea to install the vibration to the watch previously. However, REQ installs vibration motor, even stronger than others, same as cellular phone, since REQ can enjoy unlimited power supply.

The users can set 4 different time for alarm(Multiple Alarm). Each alarm can be set with either Vibration or Sound. Therefore, if the users would be in the place where the quietness is required such as Office, Theater or Library vibration shall be set to not to disturb the neighbors. Also vibration is useful in the place where is noisy and unable to hear alarm sound such as baseball studium, soccer studium, live house or train. Even outside is noisy, strong vibration will surely tell you the time.


Alarm No. Time Mode Remarks
Alarm 1 7:00am Sound Wake up alarm
Alarm 2 10:30am Vibration Attend the meeting in office
Alarm 3 5:00pm Vibration Finish Office Hour
Alarm 4 9:00pm Sound To watch the TV program

Unique alarm sound can be chosen then you set to wake up in the morning, or when you want the others to let them know the time.