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Stylish Charger is designed with 3-D surface.

By choosing the suitable adapter this can be used in anywhere in the world.

Charging can be completed in 30-40 hours from the watch stopped condition.

After fully charged status, watch works about 1-year.

REQ quick charging will charge enough amount of electricity by over-night charging. Just 10-minute charging enables the users to wear for a day (no-alarm, timer or EL used.) by REQ's quick charging.

Easy charging by just putting the watch on the charger.(Electromagnetic Induction). Easy charging power sourced from the outlet from the wall socket at home.

Charging icon will tell the users the electricity is on-charging to the battery.

When the electricity is fully charged, battery icon will flash and tell you that it is full.

Over-charge prevention system is installed in its circuit to protect the battery from the over charging.

On chargingimage:On charging Exclusive charger designed for REQ Multiple Vibration Alarm