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Ena Plant and Okazaki Plant

At Ricoh Elemex, we define "world-class quality" as the pursuit of advanced technologies that are friendly to the earth's environment as well as to human beings.
Fostering environment and people-friendly development and production systems and satisfying quality demands on an international scale are two overring themes of our progress into the future.
Our Ena and Okazaki plant have, as of March 1997, achieved certification for ISO 14001, the global environmental protection standard program.
Our sophisticated recycling and energy conservation campaigns have earned international acclaim.And bothour Office Automation Equipment and Measurement Equipment divisions, Precision Equipment divisions are driven by a commitment to global quality standards, evidenced by the certification of both divisions in ISO9001.
Manufacturing a diversified range of products with the welfare of future generations in mind.Ricoh Elemex has made "world-class quality" the earmark of all our activities.

image: Ena plant
image: Okazaki Plant