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These are the "high-precision manufacturing technology" cultivated in Ricoh Elemex since the company's foundation.

Creativity Through Partnership

We offer high quality, advanced technology and wide expertise. A flexible system is required to create breakthrough products. RICOHELEMEX has built on the ISO 9000-based series quality assurance system to develop unique products and parts in many fields. The technology, expertise and equipment accumulated have led to partnerships with various companies. Whether by individual technology or all the way to total technical support, we believe this enables us to enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing operation.

Processing technology

High precision processing makes full use of our sophisticated technology and expertise.

Processing technology

  1. Machining technology
  2. Mold processing technology
  3. Stamping technology
  4. Gear processing technology
  5. Polishing process technology
  6. Heat treatment/surface treatment processing technology
  7. Metal mold processing technology

Development and design technology

The company has accumulated advanced technology and experience in various fields. We are able to cope flexibly with ever-diversifying development and design needs.

  1. Precision instrument design technology
  2. Mechatronics development and design technology
  3. Electronics development and design technology
  4. Paper processing technology
  5. Maintenance-free design technology
  6. Signal processing technology
  7. Process design technology

Assembly technology

We have set up flexible assembly lines by implementing automatic assembly and multi-product small-lot production technology.

  1. Automatic assembly technology
  2. Mounting technology
  3. Multi-product small-lot production technology

Equipment technology

Planning, design and production of assembly lines. We provide a wide range of services from individual to total support.

  1. Automation/labor saving technology
  2. Automatic assembly/processing equipment technology

Material verification

World-recognized 9000 series ISO Certification. We achieve world-class quality by thoroughly evaluating safety and durability.

  1. Durability verification
  2. Environmental verification
  3. Measurement technology
  4. Verification technology