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Processing technology

Machining technology

NC/MC automatic machining

To enable variable production for multiple products, we use computer-controlled processing machines for turning and machining. This enables high-speed, composite processing. Various types of metals, such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, can be machined.

Materials which are difficult to machine (inconel/titanium)

We also process materials which are difficult to machine. Our accumulated expertise and advanced technology enable us to manufacture high specification parts from austenite stainless steel, titanium, inconel, hastelloy and others. We enjoy a distinguished reputation for processing nonstandard components for airplanes and nuclear reactors.

Dry machining (bronze casting)

Bronze casting is used for the lower cases of water meter housings because of its excellent resistance to abrasion and fatigue. We have set up a multi-product variable production system using computer-controlled processing machines.

Mold processing technology

Precision molding

Our unique high precision dies make possible injection molding of icroscopic parts. This technology is the result of the systematic application of our watch-making expertise.

Stamping technology

Progressive processing

Our main products are small- and medium-sized parts, precision stamped ith less than 50 tonnes. We can process stainless steel, brass, phosphor ronze, permalloy, and manganese among other materials.

Gear processing technology

Gear cutting

In cutting precision gears for watches, we use fully-automatic gear cutters to cut automatically fed gears. We process gears on a 24-hour basis, using Swiss-made equipment, and we guarantee micron-level precision.

Polishing process technology


Burnishing means using grinding stones to polish the sliding outer surface and edge of a component. This method ensures a surface roughness that cannot be obtained by turning

Centrifugal barrel polishing

This technology is used for rounding off machined parts, removing oxide film, finishing the surface smoothly, trimming, and gloss finishing. We have acquired a particularly high reputation for the specular finishing of precision-processed parts.

Jig grinding

In order to ensure ultra-high precision, we conduct jig grinding in a constant temperature room equipped with vibration control devices. The process is applied to layouts and internal diameters.

Grinding and lapping

When a corner edge is required or when strict bur limits are required, we grind and lap small parts.

Heat treatment/surface treatment processing technology

Heat treatment technology

Our heat treatment technology includes annealing, hardening, tempering, and magnetic annealing. Automatic processing is enabled by a state-of-the-art vacuum heat treatment incinerator.

Surface treatment technology

We treat the surfaces of watch parts and defense equipment components. We manufacture high quality products using special production control methods which conform to JIS, MIL(Military Specification), and FED(Federal Specification) specifications.

-Zinc (colored, colorless)
-Electrolyte nickel
-Non-electrolyte nickel, copper, etc.

Anode treatment:
-Alumite sulfate (colored, colorless)
-Hard alumite, etc.

Chemical conversion coatings:
-Chemical conversion coatings (iridite, alodine)
-Black oxide film

-Electrolytic polishing
-Chemical polishing
-Barrel polishing
-Inert film, etc

Metal mold processing technology

Electric discharge machining

For carbide and hardened materials which preclude the use of edged tools, we use electric discharge devices to enable the machining of narrow layouts and corners. We thus cater for high precision demands.

Wire electric discharge machining

We can produce a complex deformed configuration with a minimum radius (Rmin) of 0.025 mm, a surface roughness (Rmax) of 0.8 micron m, and a positioning precision of less than 3 micorn m. 18> Part for wire electric discharge machining.

Precision press dies

Our main products are precision press dies for components for watches, cameras and other devices which require high quality. We manufacture dies for such precision processing as shaving and fine blanking.

Progressive dies:
-Spring configuration
-Products which require location like complex deformed pitch
-Products which require extra fine boring.
-Products which have gone through bending

Forming dies:
-Products with a complex configuration
-Small products like gears

-Whole trimming dies
-Drawing dies, etc.

Die materials
-SKS etc.

Precision forming dies

Our unique attachment-type die structure minimizes the effect on precision of the working precision and temperature of the forming machine. Our watch components technology enables plastic injection forming of microscopic parts.