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Precision Component

Development force supported by "high-precision manufacturing technology"

Since its establishment in 1938, Ricoh has put substantial efforts into manufacturing watches.
Advances continue to be made on Ricoh's proprietary precision technology, which has played an important role in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products at Ricoh Elemex.
Our precision technology has been utilized in the specialized watches including the one with high-speed recharging function, and precision parts used for leading-edge technology fields such as defense application equipment, automobile engine, and aerospace application product, etc. It also has been applied in the development of next-generation industrial equipment, including Job Assist, a multipurpose desktop robot; a compressor for razed metal fragments designed to recycle and reuse the resources, and in the manufacturing of automation equipment. The development of various healthcare products such as personal scalp purifier and oral irrigator takes the advantages of our precision technology as well. These products have been supporting the healthy and comfortable everyday life.
Ricoh Elemex will continue to develop a variety of products to satisfy market needs by making full use of its precision technology.

[Precision Component]

image: Watch MovementsPrecision Parts for Automobile Engine
image:Precision Parts for Automobile Engine Precision Parts for Automobile Engine